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5 Social Networks for SMBs, Startups & Business Professionals

In a previous post, I supported the rise of niche social networks. Below are a 5 social networks geared toward startups and small businesses. While some of the larger networks like LinkedIN or Facebook can be adapted and/or utilized for SMBs and startups, this list specifically focused on the entrepreneurial community and/or business professionals.


Biznik is social network of entrepreneurs and small businesses dedicated to helping each other succeed. They help foster connections both online and in person in a collaborative environment. You can join for free or pay membership fees ranging from $10 to $24/month to get advanced features and visibility.

BizNik Social Network


Billed as the world's largest network for entrepreneurs, Efactor connects over one million people in over 185 different countries providing access to information on funding, ideas, expertise and exclusive offers from fellow business owners.

efactor Business Network for Entrepreneurs


Focus is a network of thousands of leading business and technology experts who are thought leaders, veteran practitioners and upstart innovators in hundreds of different topics and markets. Members can utilize this expert resource that combines Q&A, research and events to help them make smarter business decisions.

Focus Business Network

Startup Nation

Startup Nation is a online community strictly for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs focused on helping business owners start and grow successful businesses.

Startup Nation Social Network


Create your own private company network with SocialCast for free. Here you can securely collaborate with employees, vendors, partners, agencies and customers.

SocialCast Private Social Network

Do you have a favorite business network that you'd like to share. Tell me!

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