Author: Karen McFarlane

5 Steps to Leading a Perfectly Awesome Business Meeting

What’s worse than having to attend a bunch of meetings? Having to attend a bunch of bad meetings. I’ve attended a ton of meetings – some of them were super productive, but many of them were a giant waste of time. The fact is that nobody has time to waste and given that time is such a precious commodity, there is tremendous pressure to make each gathering meaningful.

You can always resort to bribing meeting attendees with food (see Philadephia Cream Cheese Commercial) or other inducements to get them racing through the door, but once they are there, they need a solid reason to stay. Food only takes so long to eat and doesn’t work effectively for remote teams and conference calls. So here are five important tips to ensure you lead an awesomely productive meeting every time you gather the troops.

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5 Tips on Generating Third-Party Content for Your Blog

So you understand the value of creating great content for your prospects and customers. And you want to supply them with great intel on a regular basis. Great! But what do you write about? When will you find the time? How will you keep it interesting?

Generating engaging ideas is quite a challenge, especially if you're playing in a fairly saturated market or have a product or service that doesn't it lend itself to a multitude of topics. I mean how many ways can you talk about a light bulb?

That's when you need a little outside perspective, and a content strategy that helps you think outside the box to devise topics and ideas that your customers will truly value. Here are five ways to generate high value content. 

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6 Tips On Writing Great Web Content

I'm working on a project for a non-profit in which we're overhauling their website and rewriting all of their content. The problem is that their content doesn't speak to their audience. It's - shall I say - too high level. To help embrace the idiosyncrasies of the web, I gave a  thiry minute power training session on how to write great web content. They found it so useful that I decided to boil down the main points into a blog post for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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CEO Blog Nation - Why I Started My Business

It's a great question that Ashley Poulter from CEO Blog Nation posed and hopefully I gave a decent answer. If you want to learn a bit about how Kaye Media Partners got started, read this post.

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5 Reasons Why Hiring a Marketing Consultant Will Benefit Your Business

In my line of work, I am often asked the question “why should I hire a Marketing Consultant over a permanent employee?” I usually give the same answer; that it depends on what your goals are, because I really don’t see the decision as an “either/or” situation. Consultants can be hired instead of or in support of a permanent hire. However, the real question behind the question usually is usually revolves around cost.

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5 Slideshare Presentations to Improve Your PowerPoint Skills

A colleague of mine is preparing for her first webinar and is embarking on the daunting task of create a PowerPoint presentation that will not only grasp the viewers attention, but leave them with something meaningful and relevant as a takeaway. She did all her due diligence. She wrote an abstract, gathered her notes and prepped her story, but somehow translating that into PowerPoint left her at a standstill. Her next move - ask Karen for help!

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3 Marketing Automation Platforms for SMBs

Inbound marketing makes it easier for most businesses to take advantage of the web to drive business leads. Marketing automation platforms (MAP) is a relatively new area of expertise formerly open to large enterprises that has the money and resources to implement these complex systems into their already even more complex sales cycles. However, the need doesn’t end with large corporations. SMBs, particularly start-ups need automation tools to grow their business at a more sustainable and rapid pace in order to compete in the marketplace. In fact, the argument could be made that MAPs are even more critical to SMBs than to large corporations since they don’t have the time, money or resources to dedicate to acquiring and developing leads.

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Three Questions to Ask When Selecting a Marketing Automation Tool for Your Business

If you’ve made the smart leap to augment your marketing technology with a marketing automation platform (MAP), then you’re probably trying to determine which solution is right for your business. There is no doubt that MAPs can be challenging and for small businesses it might feel like undertaking this task will add even more complexity and expense than you can afford. However, automating your systems is the best way to focus your time and resources in the right places so you can expand your business and provide better customer experiences.

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My RAVE: How to Use Google+ for Business

Hubspot has some really great resources for marketers. Their current ebook - How to Use Google+ for Business is no exception. Download it today to get a step by step guide and learn a few things you may not know about leveraging this medium.

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