CEO Blog Nation - Why I Started My Business

It's a great question that Ashley Poulter from CEO Blog Nation posed and hopefully I gave a decent answer. If you want to learn a bit about how Kaye Media Partners got started, read this post.

In addition to my story, you'll also hear from several other entrepreneurs on what inspired them to take the leap into the deep abyss. You'll read about companies like SlimDoggy, a company that tackles dog obesity; We Rock Toy Co that started with a portable/packable rocking horse made of 100% bamboo; and LuLu, the first app for private reviews of guys.

I hope you will take the time to read everyone's profiles. Hopefully it will be inspiring and perhaps you'll find a new service you need. Here's a quick link to the article - Why Did You Start Your Business, and if you want to to learn more about how Kaye Media Partners can help you, schedule a consult

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