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10 Ways to Market Your Case Study

Content marketing is a key component of your marketing arsenal. While creating original pieces is important for building your audience, learning to multiply your content is critical in building your asset library. Below are 10 ways you can take one case study and turn it into 10 separate content marketing pieces.

  1. Write a blog about it. Recap your case study in a short blog post to your subscriber list.
  2. Tweet about it. Send a tweet to your followers with a link to your case study.
  3. Promote it on LinkedIN and Facebook. Update your status and so potential customers can learn about you and share your results.
  4. Host a podcast interview. Interview your client to add  dimension to the written piece. Then, transcribe the podcast afterwards and make the transcription available on your site and in another blog post.
  5. Pitch the case study to the media. Journalists often like to tout success stories. Provide them with direct access to the client and you may find your story in a top publication.
  6. Pitch it for speaking engagements. Event attendees prefer to hear from their peers rather than vendors, and conference managers prefer to book brands as speakers. Therefore, submit speaking proposals that showcase how you and your client worked together to successfully solve a problem. If the conference is video taping these sessions, make sure you get a copy (or at least a link) so you can promote it to your audience.
  7. Create a case study slide for sales decks. Case studies are great marketing tools for sales folks. Create a slide for them to include in their sales decks that focuses on success metrics.
  8. Create a PPT for Slideshare. Expand from one slide to a full blown presentation to tell the story of how you helped the client. Then post it up on Slideshare for viral marketing opportunities. You can also link Slideshare to your LinkedIn profile.
  9. Create a video. Add audio and turn your PPT presentation into a video for YouTube or Vimeo.
  10. Create a case study collection. Compile an ebook of all your case studies. You can make this general or focus by vertical. Create a landing page and lead capture form and voila - you now have a killer lead gen tool.

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